What Is Sedation Dentistry and Who Needs It?

Sedation dentistry in Portland, OR is essentially an answer to the way many people respond to the dentist. Even relatively simple procedures, like cleanings and filling, can evoke very strong reactions to making an appointment, going to the appointment, and getting through the appointment without incident. If you’re used to avoiding the dentist out of discomfort or even fear, it might be worth looking into what you can expect from this branch of oral healthcare.

Common Types of Sedation Dentistry

At Portland City Dental, we offer the following types of sedation dentistry:

  • Oral: An oral sedative can help calm your nerves, putting you in a more relaxed state. While you might feel a little drowsy, though, you will remain fully awake.
  • Nitrous oxide: Sometimes called laughing gas, nitrous oxide can be breathed in to help you feel more relaxed. Like the oral sedative, you will still be awake during the procedure, you’ll just have some of the edge taken off.

Who Needs Sedation Dentistry

The goal of sedation dentistry is always to make the dentist less intimidating, and there’s no shame if you’re interested in these procedures. Regardless of the type of sedation you choose, the goal is to make everything from extractions to root canals a little easier to handle. At City Dental, our staff is here to advise you about how the procedure works and to answer any questions you may have about side effects or aftermath.

Dentists in Portland

If you’re looking for dentists in Portland, OR who can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of dental services, we’re here to help. At City Dental, we can tell you that the adverse effects of sedation are few and far between, though we always perform a thorough health assessment before administering.

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