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Your New Favorite: The Beet

March is National Nutrition Month! Dr. Bajuscak, your dentist in Portland, OR, knows that City Dental patients are already among the healthiest eaters out there– but everyone needs some good ideas now and then to switch things up. Looking for a new, fun, healthy food? Look no further. For fun and delicious health– you can’t…


Oral Piercings and Your Health

As your dentist in Portland, City Dental has seen tattoos and piercings of all shapes, sizes, and locations on the citizens of our fair city, and while we love the unique and accepting culture of Portland, there’s one accessory we’re concerned about: oral piercings. Subjects of concern Piercing has for centuries and across cultures been…


Smiling and Surviving the Holidays

This may be the season of magic, but it’s a pretty busy one too. Visitors, vacations, in-laws, last minute work deadlines, and a stream of baked goods, both in and out of the home, can certainly make a lot of people’s stress levels go up! The problem is, when we get busy– and especially if…


The Best Ways to Brighten Your Smile

A cup of coffee or hot tea in the morning and a good glass of red wine in the evening offer just a few of the pleasures that make life worth living. While these types of beverages may help to stimulate or soothe depending on your mood, they can also do a number on the…


Welcome to the City Dental Blog

Welcome to City Dental blog, your source for the latest news about all things oral health related! As you best choice Dr. Bajuscak and the rest of our compassionate and considerate staff at City Dental want every patient to enjoy the best oral health possible. To make sure that our patients have the knowledge and…

The friendliness is exceptional. While going to a doctor or dentist is not one of my favorite things, I have found that Dr. Bajuscak’s office has made my dental visits actually pleasurable! The friendliness and professionalism of all staff members is exceptional. I know that I am getting the best dental care possible. I am always given the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. The office is easily accessible downtown, as it’s close to the MAX line; free parking at SmartPark is also available. Thank you, Dr. Bajuscak and staff for all that you do for your patients!

Karen M

The gentlest cleaning I’ve ever had. I love this dental office! The gentlest cleaning I’ve ever had. I also had a temporary crown put in and I don’t think they could have done anything more to make it as comfortable as possible. The front desk staff are uniformly cheerful and kind. If you don’t have a dentist you love, I’d highly recommend this practice.

Sara R

Really great dental experience. Every staff member is very friendly and inviting – which is good for me because I’m terrified of going to the dentist! They are very attentive to your needs and provide great options and plans if you need more then just a bi-yearly cleaning. 5 Stars for sure.

Johnny P

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