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Diabetes Makes Tooth Loss Twice As Likely

At City Dental, Portland family dentist Dr. Jason Bajuscak wants patients to understand the lasting damage diabetes can have on their oral health. While the disease can negatively impact a patient’s health in a variety of ways, including nerve, cardiovascular and vision problems, many remain unaware of the damage diabetes can cause to your oral health. A new study highlights the risk and has discovered that individual’s suffering from diabetes lose twice the number of teeth when compared to those who don’t have the disease.

Conducted by researchers at Duke University, the study reveals that while the rate of tooth loss has dropped overall in the U.S. over the last 40 years, those who struggle with diabetes remain far more vulnerable.

A Troubling Trend

As part of the study, researchers analyzed date on over 37,000 patients who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1971 and 2012 to learn about tooth loss trends in U.S. adults during this period of time.

Researchers discovered a clear connection between tooth loss and diabetes, especially among African American population groups, reported the study. Researchers believe the results of the study help to shed a light on two important issues that play a major role in public health policy.

The first: the connection that exists between an individual’s overall health and oral health. While this has been something that health officials have known for quite some time, the results of this latest study provide additional evidence to this connection. The second major finding highlighted by the study is the health disparity rate at which some types of diseases disproportionately effect certain segments of the population.

Researchers pointed out that diabetes places patients at a much higher risk for gum disease and eventually tooth loss, but that it also works the other way, too.

Gum disease has the ability to further complicate diabetes by making it more difficult to manage the disease. This cause and effect relationship makes it doubly important that individuals suffering from diabetes make tending to their oral health a high priority.

Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Portland family dentist Dr. Jason Bajuscak remains committed to helping every patient enjoy the very best oral health possible. If you suffer from diabetes, you need to discuss your oral health options with Dr. Bajuscak so you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Patients with diabetes may need to schedule more frequent dental visits and may need to take extra precautions to tend to their oral health.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bajuscak to see what steps you can take to control your diabetes and improve your oral health today!

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