Can I Use Veneers to Make My Teeth Larger?

Dental veneers in Portland, OR are ideal for hiding teeth imperfections. If you have gaps, uneven teeth or crooked teeth, dental veneers can help. But sometimes, dental veneers can do even more than disguise imperfections; they can truly transform your smile and make it appear that you have very different natural teeth. You may be asking, can veneers make teeth look larger?

Custom Veneers Mimic Natural Teeth

Your Portland, Oregon dentist will have custom veneers made that mimic your natural teeth in size, shape and color. This is so that your veneers will be as discreet as possible. Quality veneers are nearly imperceptible to others. In fact, many of your closest friends and co-workers may already have veneers without you realizing it.

Custom Veneers Can Also Transform Teeth

Because veneers are custom-made, you and your dentist can do something very special, which is to make your teeth appear larger. Sometimes, the issue with a person’s smile has less to do with teeth alignment and more to do with the size of the teeth. In cases like this, it’s entirely possible to have veneers that make your teeth look larger than they are.

Dental Veneers Can Change the Look of Teeth

In addition to this, dental veneers can also be made to alter the profile of your teeth. In other words, if your teeth tend to curve in and downward, you can get custom dental veneers that subtly alter and correct that curvature.

Your dentist will be able to share with you all the possibilities that there are with custom dental veneers. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss how veneers can transform your smile or even make your existing natural teeth appear larger.

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