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Full Dentures Vs. Partial Dentures: Tips on How to Choose 

Dentures in Portland, OR can be a great way to preserve your oral health if you’re missing a few teeth. They help you maintain your facial muscles and continue chewing and speaking the way you’re used to. However, you might be wondering whether you need a full or a partial set, depending on how many gaps […]

Can I Use Veneers to Make My Teeth Larger?

Dental veneers in Portland, OR are ideal for hiding teeth imperfections. If you have gaps, uneven teeth or crooked teeth, dental veneers can help. But sometimes, dental veneers can do even more than disguise imperfections; they can truly transform your smile and make it appear that you have very different natural teeth. You may be asking, […]

Does Professional Teeth Whitening Protect Against Cavities? 

Professional teeth whitening in Portland, OR is a very satisfying experience. After this treatment is completed, you’ll leave the office with a beautiful, dazzling smile that you’ll be proud to show off. It’s the single most impressive, non-invasive dental treatment you can easily get to transform your smile. However, bear in mind that teeth whitening is not […]

4 Great Reasons to Get Invisalign

If your teeth aren’t quite straight, there are many dental devices that can help correct your tooth alignment. Invisalign is a very modern solution to this old dental problem. By slowly shifting your teeth into the right place, Invisalign can help correct your smile and ensure that your teeth function as they should. In this […]

Treatment For Teeth Sensitivity

When your teeth are sensitive, everyday life can be difficult and, of course, somewhat painful. Caused by everything from receding gums or brushing too hard to teeth grinding and aging, you may think this is a condition you’ll be living with forever. Fortunately, that’s not true. Since there are numerous professional and at-home treatments you […]

What Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

If you’ve never heard of CEREC same-day crowns, you’re probably not alone. However, should you be someone who leads a busy life and suddenly finds yourself needing to look just right for that big interview or presentation, CEREC same-day crowns can give you a great-looking smile in the blink of an eye. No, your dentist in […]