Ever wish you could hide your imperfect teeth from the world? You are not alone. Rarely are people born with perfectly flawless teeth. The majority of people experience either minor or major dental problems. The good news is that modern dental technology can now give anyone the perfect smile they have always wanted. Lumineers are considered a safe and effective way to correct numerous dental problems.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are natural looking veneers that are customized to fit over existing teeth. The application procedure is quick and painless. For most people the application only requires a few dental visits. Once the veneers are applied they stay on for quite a while. The procedure can be reversed if a patient changes their mind.

There are several reasons why Lumineers are a good choice.

Saves Time

One reason why Lumineers are so popular is because they require less time and effort. The procedure begins with a visit to the dentist for a custom fitting. Dental technicians create the customized veneers. The patient is notified to come in for the actual application. It may take one or two dental visits to apply the veneers to both upper and lower teeth. That is it. Traditional veneers require much more time sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Whiter Teeth

Discoloration of teeth happens over a period of time due to staining from food and beverages or because of a medical condition. Instead of hassling with teeth whiteners that require repeated applications, Lumineers offer a better solution. Perfect pearly white teeth can cover discolored ones without the need for chemicals. Veneers are stain resistant and maintain their white color permanently.

Straighter Teeth

Anyone that lives with teeth that are crooked or misaligned in some way knows this can be very embarrassing. Some people go out of their way not to smile just to hide this common dental problem. The traditional way to fix these issues is through orthodontics. However, straightening teeth with braces can take quite a long time. Lumineers can give people the appearance of perfectly straight teeth without the long wait.

Fix Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can easily alter a nice smile. Chipped teeth vary in the amount of damage. Smaller chips can be fixed easier than larger ones. In cases where a large chip is ruining a smile, the dentist may recommend covering it with a Lumineer tooth. The tooth will look as good as new.

Hide Gaps

Having a gap-toothed smile is either no big deal or an embarrassing issue; it depends on the perspective of the individual. Everyone notices a gap each time a person smiles. For people that are uncomfortable with an empty space between teeth Lumineers can provide a quick remedy. The gap is hidden behind natural looking veneers.

Dental technology has advanced to the point where anyone that has the desire can have a great looking smile. Lumineers are a painless way to hide many dental imperfections. They are easy to apply and last for many years.

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