KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Many people whiten their teeth for many different reasons, but the most popular would have to be to feel confident with your smile. It is amazing the confidence that is gained with white teeth. Finding out what products work can be overwhelming, so why not use a product that has been proven to give you the pristine, white, pearly teeth that you deserve.

The KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is unlike many teeth whitener bleaching systems out there. It doesn’t just claim to make your teeth white, it actually does what it is supposed to do. It is the most efficient and effective whitening system on the market that you can get and is the only product that has shown to be able to incomparably whiten tetracycline stained teeth in a short period of time.

KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching can be used to whiten teeth that have been stained and discolored by causes such as foods, drinks, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, medications and more – all of which play a role in causing tooth discoloration and staining. This type of debris can block regular whitening bleaching systems from working because they are incapable of reaching the parts of the tooth that need to be cleansed and whitened. Tetracycline stains are much harder to rid since they are intrinsic stains, meaning that the drug (Tetracycline) is calcified into the enamel of the tooth while it is still developing. Because of these issues, it is often hard to predict exactly what kind of results can be expected.

Most effective whitening bleaching systems come in the form of a tray method. The tray can be molded to your unique dental impression in which the whitening gel can then effectively reach all parts of the tooth structure. Usually with standard bleaching systems, the gel solution is only effective for the first 25-35 minutes. This is because saliva is responsible for breaking down and corrupting the gel solution which makes it ineffective and impotent after the first half hour.

Unlike the regular tray systems, KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching trays are unique in the fact that they prevent saliva from getting into the trays while being used. When combined with the KoR Whitening gels, results have shown that whitening activity can last for 6 hours and maybe even longer. Because saliva is not interfering with the potency of the whitening gel solution, it is able to thoroughly and more effectively get into the structure of the tooth to expunge debris and bleach the enamel.

This process makes the tooth surface more porous so that the higher potency of peroxide in the deep whitening bleach will be better absorbed into the enamel. This will be administered during the in-office session with the dentist to obtain that lustrous, stainless and pearly white smile.

Temporary whiteness, poor quality and wasted money can all be a figment of the past. If you want real quality results, then the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is the only option to consider.

If you have any questions regarding the Deep Bleaching process, speak to your dentist and take the first step to a new you.

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